Who are the top 5 highest run scorers in IPL history?

Who are the top 5 highest run scorers in IPL history?

Who are the top 5 highest run scorers in IPL history?

Who are the top 5 highest run scorers in IPL history?

The first edition of Indian premier league was played in 2008. IPL is the most expensive and most watched league in the world. IPL has seen many occasions where many new records were made.

IPL has proved to be a great platform for the budding cricketers to get known to national fame. Some of them have gone on to getting selected in the International team.

Thanks to the IPL, many players have scored unprecedented runs since 2008 till 2020. They have breached the 4000 runs mark in such a short period of time. In this article, we will see the top five players who have scored the highest runs in the IPL history.

1. Virat kohli (5878)

Kholi is a household name today when it comes to counting the top batsmen in the world. He is on the path to becoming the only greatest player in history after Sachin tendulkar. He has broken many records. Still he is as ferocious as ever to pile up runs in International cricket. 

He is considered to be the fittest batsman in the world. He is an inspiration to many young players.  Kohli is someone who is ranked no.1 batsman in one day cricket and no. 2 in test cricket.

Many may not be aware that he has many records to his name in the IPL as well. This RCB captain has scored 5878 runs with an average of 38.16 at the strike rate of 130.73. He has scored five centuries so far and mind boggling 39 fitifies.

Initially he did not have a good start in the first three editions. But he was steady and managed to get off with flying colours after 2011. He did not have to look back after that. He went on a campaign to the top of the IPL table.

It would be interesting to see what new records he adds to his name in the IPL 2021.

2. Suresh raina ( 5368)

Suresh Raina has scored second highest in the IPL after Virat kohli. This left handed batsman is known for unconventional shots and he was very dominating at the height of his game.

In IPL, he is associated with Chennai super kings. He mercilessly trampled all his opponents breaking records after records. His batting was persistent and he had the ability to play a wide range of the shots covering the 360 degree shots.  

When Chennai super kings were wracked by the match-fixing scandal, and subsequently was banned for one year.

Two new IPL franchises Gujrat lions and Rising Pune supergiants were created to incorporate suresh raina and other players. There also, he played aggressive cricket taking the gujarat lions to the play off as a captain. 

So far, he has scored 5368 runs with the average of 33.34 at the strike rate of 137.14.

He is still shining with his bat, scoring maximum runs and in 2019 he made a total 383 runs. He opted out of IPL 2020 due to personal reasons.

3. David warner (5254)

David Warner is probably counted among the batsmen who are the masters of all three formats. Once David warner assumes his form, there is nothing stopping him. He has shown the ability to beat any top bowler in the world. He can single handedly change the fortune of any game.

This australian-born batsman has been associated with the Delhi Daredevils and Sunrisers hyderabad.  Under his captaincy, Sunrisers has won IPL trophy in 2016, and reached the playoff every time since 2016.

In IPL, he is the third highest scorer after Virat and Suresh raina. He has made a total 5254 runs with the average of 42.71 at the strike rate of 141.54.

4. Rohit sharma (5230)

Rohit sharma is known as a hitman in the cricket fraternity. He possesses the ability to play in the pressure situation. His timing and ability to play shots are pleasing to those who watch him play.

He is the batsman on whom a team can rely upon. He justifies it by his actions on many occasions.

He has scored 5230 runs with the average of 31.31 at the strike rate of 130.61.

Under his captaincy, Mumbai Indians have won the IPL titles five times. Mumbai indian is the only team which has won IPL maximum number of times. Rohit Sharma has proved by this record that he is not only a destructive batsman but a captain as well.

5. Shikar dhawan( 5197)

We all know how flamboyant personality Dhawan is!! He keeps on assuming new looks to please his fans. He is as fatal a batsman as he is flamboyant. He is known for playing attacking shots throughout the stadium.

He rose to fame as an opening batsman along with rohit sharma. The duo’s partnership was match winning a number of times.

He has been part of five teams since the 2008 IPL edition ( Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Indians, Deccan Chargers, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Capitals).

Shikhar Dhawan clubbed 340 in his debut in Delhi daredevils. He was later traded to Mumbai Indians in the exchange of Ashish nehra.

He is considered to be among the top 5 scorers in the IPL history. He has scored 5197 runs in the ipl so far at the strike rate of 126.87 with the average of 34.41.