Watch: Ricky Ponting delivers a stirring speech as he joins the Delhi Capitals for the first time

Watch: Ricky Ponting delivers a Stirring Speech as He joins the Delhi Capitals for the first time

Watch: Ricky Ponting delivers a Stirring Speech as He joins the Delhi Capitals for the first time

With one day to go for the IPL, Delhi head coach has joined the squad with full energy. He gave a stirring speech to the delhi squad. It was very motivating that you must watch in the link given below. 

He began his speech by saying that our teams have four core values that everyone has to take account of and have to imbibe in them. The four values are attitude, effort, commitment, care. 

Delhi will play the second IPL match against Chennai on 10 April. Ricky ponting, the most successful captain of the australia who has come out after completing his quarantine period.

He was very serious about winning the title this time as Delhi has so far not won a single IPL trophy. Just Delhi capitals has seen a strong turnaround in its position. From hitting the bottom in 2018 to reaching the final last year has been quite a journey for Delhi capitals.

Rinky Ponting, who became the part of the Delhi Capitals as the head coach, has contributed greatly in turning around the fortunes of the Delhi capitals. He acknowledged the turnaround of the team but also mentioned that they have not grabbed the trophy so far. This is something, They have to aim for this time.

“Days to go for our first IPL2021 game and we bring you the video you’ve been waiting for. RickyPonting met the 2021 squad for the first time and his speech gave us goosebumps even while we recorded this,” tweeted Delhi Capitals’ official Twitter handle, sharing the video.

“Alright welcome to the guys that are having their first session today, the guys I’ve just mentioned here. Well done on the effort and intensity that has been shown so far. I have talked to Pravin, I’ve talked to (Mohammad) Kaif last night… The work you boys have done last night so far has been outstanding,” said Ponting, praising the efforts players have put in so far in training sessions.

“Somethings about me, right, that some of you guys don’t know about me, right? 46 years of age, married, three kids from Melbourne. I’ve been in Delhi for three years. First year I was here, we finished last. Two years ago, we finished third. Last year, we finished second,” said Ponting.

“This is a different Delhi than it was years ago, right? And the reason that it is, what all you guys have brought to the franchise. Not about me, not about coaches, it’s about you, right? This is your team now. New skipper Rishabh, it’s your team. My coaching has a pretty simple basis. You turn up with the right attitude, you put in the effort, you bring in the commitment, and you care, then you’re sweet with me. Alright? They’re gonna be team values of ours, over the next couple of months,” he said in video.

Delhi Capitals have set up their base in Mumbai for the first few league games. They will take on three-time winners Chennai Super Kings on April 10