Top Bowler with the best Economy Rate in IPL History

Top Bowler with the best Economy Rate in IPL History

Top Bowler with the best Economy Rate in IPL History

Rashid khan is a bowler who is known for his bowling skills, It won’t be exaggerating to say that he is the best bowler in the world because he has got so many variations in his bowling attacks which makes him unpredictable to attempt to by any batsman in the world.  

It is never possible to anticipate what his next variation is going to be. Given his skills, he has grown to be quite famous. He has added many records to his name. He is not only good with the bowling but he has proved to his mettle that he is equally good with batting and fielding. 

This afghan-born player has risen to the ranks after much hard work and struggle. He is quite a player to look upto. 

Rashid khan bowls leg spinner and he has become an indispensable part of IPL. Every franchise wants to take him but he has stayed with the Sunrisers Hyderabad since he made his debut in IPL in 2017. 

He is so valuable for SRH that it can not afford to release him in any condition. 

In his debut IPL edition, Rashid Khan played a total of 14 matches where he sent off the 17 players with an average of 21.05.

In the 2018, he was quite instrumental in assisting the SRH reach the final where a total of 21 wickets he took, proving his skills. By his performance, it was certain that he was going to be the part of SRH. he had achieved enough fame and stardom where he could have been picked up by any team at any price. In the next season, he went on performing better and better, creating a fear among the top batsmen to face him. 

It is not surprising to believe that he has the best economy rate of 6.24 in the IPL history.