Top 5 batsmen with Most Sixes in an Innings in the IPL History

Top 5 batsmen with Most Sixes in an Innings in the IPL History

Top 5 batsmen with Most Sixes in an Innings in the IPL History

IPL is the game of excitement and passion. Indian premier league saw its first game played in 2008. Today, it has become the most expensive league in the world. IPL has made the shorter format more popular among the cricket fraternity. 

During IPL, Cricket stadiums are filled to the brim with fans, This is the cult of IPL in India. 

IPL is a short format game which pushes players to give what they have got under the most extraordinary pressure situations. It brings the best out of them. In IPL, Either players create history or vanish into thin air.  

In this article, we will present the top 5 batsmen who have the highest averages in the history of IPL.

1. Chris gayle (17)

Chrish gayle is the most successful player in IPL history. He has done wonders. He has many records to his name in the IPL. He has the ability to win the match single handedly. He has proved this many times by taking the team to victory on his own. 

He first became a part of IPL when he rose to international fame after hitting a century in 2007 T-20 world cup. He was sure to be picked up by the IPL as he had the credentials to show. 

He was bought by the Kolkata Knight Riders for the 800000 USD. He did not prove his mettle in the next three seasons. He was released by the KKR in 2011 and RCB was not the team that will miss this opportunity. RCB instantly got Gayle into the team.  

Chris has many records to his credit but most mind boggling was the one where he hit 17 innings in the single innings. It was an unimaginable feat he attained and got himself at the top of most sixes in single sixes table. 

2. Brendon McCullum

McCullum is known as brash, brutal, brilliant. He can take in any kind of bowling attacks and can smash the ball both sides of the stadium. McCullum had a terrific record in the IPL. 

He was roped in by the Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2008 for 700000 dollars.  This wicketkeeper- batsman proved in the first match itself that he is someone who can transcend the limitations of a player. 

He amassed a staggering 158 runs unbeaten against RCB. It was to be the best score by any player in this short-format  game. This score was the highest until Chris gayle came and broke this record. But it took more than 5 years for this record to be broken. 

He also hit the 13 sixes in this match. He stands at the second position when it comes scoring the maximum sixes in an innings. 

3. Chris gayle (13)


Chris Gayle comes third when it comes to the most sixes in an innings after coming the first. It is known that Gayle is the six hitting machine. He is also the batsman who has hit maximum sixes.

He made most of his record after coming in association with the Royal Challenger Bangalore.    

Chris Gayle has no bowler to stop him once he assumes his form. He hits six over the field and no tactic and no strategy works for him. He makes them look so smooth as if hitting sixes is like the child’s play. 

This was the match against Delhi Daredevils where he amassed a total of 128 runs off the 62 deliveries. He was very instrumental in helping the RCB with the match, as with his contribution, RCB managed to post 215 runs on board.   

4. Chris gayle (12)

Chris Gayle is ranked fourth in hitting the sixes in an Innings. It can be said that Chris gayle has secured three places in the top five positions in the maximum sixes in IPL. He hit 12 sixes against the Kings Eleven Punjab. In this innings, he scored 117 runs off the 87 balls at the strike rate of 205.26. 

5. Ab de villiers (12)

Ab de villiers is the batsman par excellence. He is also known as the 360 degree batsman. His fortune took the front seat only when he joined the Royal challenger Bangalore. There have been moments, where he managed to win the matches single handedly. He also got an award for his power-packed knock in 2012 for his carnage on Dale steyn. 

He is ranked fifth among the batsmen with the most sixes in an innings. 

AB de Villiers has scored a total of 4849 runs in 169 matches at the strike rate of 151.91. He has so far made 3 centuries.