RCS vs ANG, Ligue 1

Player Statistics

#+=GATacklesAcr PassessDualsMinuts P
Eiji Kawashima00012094
Sanjin Prcic0008011
Jean Eudes Aholou00316545
Stefan Mitrovic00050394
Adrien Thomasson00026294
Ludovic Ajorque00116494
Dimitri Lienard00256392
Ibrahima Sissoko00237583
Anthony Caci00276594
Alexander Djiku00350994
Frederic Guilbert00230894
Jeanricner Bellegarde00120349
Habib Diallo00113794
Mahame Siby000002
Sofiane Boufal0005324
Ibrahim Amadou00218480
Paul Bernardoni00010194
Sada Thioub00220670
Lois Diony00014994
Thomas Mangani00034384
Ismael Traore00128394
Vincent Manceau00027494
Romain Thomas00030594
Abdoulaye Bamba00033594
Pierrick Capelle0005114
Angelo Fulgini000281194
Mathias Pereira Lage0002210
Lassana Coulibaly003141294
#+=ShotsOnShotsOffShotsBlockDribble Att
Eiji Kawashima0000
Sanjin Prcic0000
Jean Eudes Aholou0201
Stefan Mitrovic0100
Adrien Thomasson1020
Ludovic Ajorque0011
Dimitri Lienard0100
Ibrahima Sissoko0110
Anthony Caci0001
Alexander Djiku0001
Frederic Guilbert0001
Jeanricner Bellegarde0110
Habib Diallo1300
Mahame Siby0000
Sofiane Boufal0002
Ibrahim Amadou1011
Paul Bernardoni0000
Sada Thioub0000
Lois Diony0003
Thomas Mangani0010
Ismael Traore1000
Vincent Manceau0010
Romain Thomas0000
Abdoulaye Bamba0000
Pierrick Capelle0000
Angelo Fulgini1025
Mathias Pereira Lage0000
Lassana Coulibaly0003
Eiji Kawashima00000
Sanjin Prcic00300
Jean Eudes Aholou10031
Stefan Mitrovic41000
Adrien Thomasson00001
Ludovic Ajorque21011
Dimitri Lienard00121
Ibrahima Sissoko01021
Anthony Caci00221
Alexander Djiku111431
Frederic Guilbert10221
Jeanricner Bellegarde00110
Habib Diallo01012
Mahame Siby00000
Sofiane Boufal00003
Ibrahim Amadou40323
Paul Bernardoni20000
Sada Thioub10221
Lois Diony11205
Thomas Mangani10200
Ismael Traore21110
Vincent Manceau30101
Romain Thomas92200
Abdoulaye Bamba20100
Pierrick Capelle00000
Angelo Fulgini00008
Mathias Pereira Lage00000
Lassana Coulibaly11336
Eiji Kawashima1218000
Sanjin Prcic88010
Jean Eudes Aholou1621011
Stefan Mitrovic5056040
Adrien Thomasson2638121
Ludovic Ajorque1621011
Dimitri Lienard5670481
Ibrahima Sissoko3744031
Anthony Caci76911111
Alexander Djiku5058051
Frederic Guilbert3040111
Jeanricner Bellegarde2022020
Habib Diallo1318032
Mahame Siby01000
Sofiane Boufal55003
Ibrahim Amadou1823013
Paul Bernardoni1020060
Sada Thioub2026111
Lois Diony1420005
Thomas Mangani3447230
Ismael Traore2838010
Vincent Manceau2732041
Romain Thomas3037040
Abdoulaye Bamba3346040
Pierrick Capelle56010
Angelo Fulgini2838128
Mathias Pereira Lage25000
Lassana Coulibaly1421006
#+=Duals(w)DispossessedWas FouledFouls
Eiji Kawashima0000
Sanjin Prcic0001
Jean Eudes Aholou5100
Stefan Mitrovic3012
Adrien Thomasson2120
Ludovic Ajorque4101
Dimitri Lienard3004
Ibrahima Sissoko5028
Anthony Caci5013
Alexander Djiku9010
Frederic Guilbert8022
Jeanricner Bellegarde3001
Habib Diallo7011
Mahame Siby0000
Sofiane Boufal3013
Ibrahim Amadou4001
Paul Bernardoni1000
Sada Thioub6031
Lois Diony9132
Thomas Mangani3010
Ismael Traore3000
Vincent Manceau4030
Romain Thomas5001
Abdoulaye Bamba5021
Pierrick Capelle1000
Angelo Fulgini11241
Mathias Pereira Lage2010
Lassana Coulibaly12140
#+=SavesPunchesRunOutHigh Claims
Eiji Kawashima3000
Paul Bernardoni2002

Match Details

2021-02-21 19:30 PM
Stade de la Meinau, Strasbourg, France
Match Referee
Hakim Ben el Hadj

About Match

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