SE vs SFC, K-League 1

K-League 1, March 07, 2021
FC Seoul
3  :  0
90 minutes
Suwon FC

Match Projection

Match Projection

Team Statistics



53 Ball possession 47
1 Yellow cards 2
4 Substitutions 5
8 Free kicks 11
2 Offsides 0
4 Corner kicks 4
6 Shots on target 2
4 Shots off target 1
2 Saves 4
9 Fouls 8
0 Injuries 1
1 Penalties 0
0 Shots blocked 1
3 Goals 0
52 Ball possession 48
4 Free kicks 5
1 Offsides 0
1 Yellow cards 1
0 Substitutions 2
53 Ball possession 47
4 Free kicks 6
1 Offsides 0
4 Corner kicks 4
0 Yellow cards 1
4 Substitutions 3
0 Injuries 1

Player Statistics

#+=GATacklesAcr PassessDualsMinuts P
Sung yueng Ki01248773
Aleksandar Palocevic00031265
Osmar Barba006431193
Na Sang ho20120793
Jung Bin Park0006028
Hong Jun ho0001012
Chu young Park00013681
Han been Yang00016093
Kwang min Ko00226293
Hyun soo Hwang00131293
Jong gyu Yoon00331493
Won gun Kim00130293
Chan hee Han00011020
In kyu Lee0119428
Young wook Cho00019565
Park Joo ho00361493
Young Sun Yun00059593
Lars Veldwijk0005223
Dong ho Jeong00156193
Ho Nam kim0001018
Seung gyu Han00036270
Lee Yeong Jae00265793
Kim Seung jun00018375
Jeong Jae Yong00127145
Chung Geun Jeong00321573
#+=ShotsOnShotsOffShotsBlockDribble Att
Sung yueng Ki0012
Aleksandar Palocevic3002
Osmar Barba0101
Na Sang ho2013
Jung Bin Park0100
Hong Jun ho0000
Chu young Park1001
Han been Yang0000
Kwang min Ko0000
Hyun soo Hwang0000
Jong gyu Yoon0001
Won gun Kim0000
Chan hee Han1000
In kyu Lee0023
Young wook Cho0201
Park Joo ho0000
Young Sun Yun0000
Lars Veldwijk0000
Dong ho Jeong0010
Ho Nam kim0000
Seung gyu Han1110
Lee Yeong Jae1100
Kim Seung jun1000
Jeong Jae Yong0000
Chung Geun Jeong0110
Sung yueng Ki00022
Aleksandar Palocevic00002
Osmar Barba20461
Na Sang ho10015
Jung Bin Park00100
Hong Jun ho00000
Chu young Park10102
Han been Yang20000
Kwang min Ko21020
Hyun soo Hwang20210
Jong gyu Yoon21131
Won gun Kim31010
Chan hee Han20200
In kyu Lee10013
Young wook Cho00001
Park Joo ho10331
Young Sun Yun22500
Lars Veldwijk10000
Dong ho Jeong41110
Ho Nam kim00000
Seung gyu Han00003
Lee Yeong Jae00321
Kim Seung jun00000
Jeong Jae Yong20010
Chung Geun Jeong00234
Sung yueng Ki4854062
Aleksandar Palocevic3138112
Osmar Barba4357041
Na Sang ho2024005
Jung Bin Park67000
Hong Jun ho12000
Chu young Park1318012
Han been Yang1626090
Kwang min Ko2634120
Hyun soo Hwang3138030
Jong gyu Yoon3140111
Won gun Kim3035020
Chan hee Han1112110
In kyu Lee912003
Young wook Cho1925001
Park Joo ho6173001
Young Sun Yun5965020
Lars Veldwijk57000
Dong ho Jeong5660160
Ho Nam kim12100
Seung gyu Han3642023
Lee Yeong Jae65690101
Kim Seung jun1821000
Jeong Jae Yong2732010
Chung Geun Jeong2124004
#+=Duals(w)DispossessedWas FouledFouls
Sung yueng Ki7134
Aleksandar Palocevic2100
Osmar Barba11011
Na Sang ho7130
Jung Bin Park0000
Hong Jun ho0000
Chu young Park6032
Han been Yang0000
Kwang min Ko2101
Hyun soo Hwang2001
Jong gyu Yoon4102
Won gun Kim2002
Chan hee Han0101
In kyu Lee4101
Young wook Cho5111
Park Joo ho4000
Young Sun Yun5000
Lars Veldwijk2000
Dong ho Jeong1002
Ho Nam kim0000
Seung gyu Han2122
Lee Yeong Jae7251
Kim Seung jun3130
Jeong Jae Yong1000
Chung Geun Jeong5121
#+=SavesPunchesRunOutHigh Claims
Han been Yang7101

Match Details

2021-03-07 13:00 PM
World Cup Stadium, ,
Match Referee
Byungjin Park

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