PER vs SYD, W-League

W-League, February 25, 2021
Perth Glory FC
2  :  6
90 minutes
Sydney FC

Match Projection

Match Projection

Team Statistics

Perth Glory FC

Sydney FC

43 Ball possession 57
6 Total shots 29
3 Shots on target 10
3 Shots off target 11
0 shots Blocked 8
0 Corner kicks 12
8 Fouls 7
1 Big chances 3
0 Big chances missed 2
2 Shots inside box 16
4 Shots outside box 13
5 Goalkeeper saves 1
378 Passes 463
254 Accurate passes 345
29 Long balls 36
1 Crosses 10
12 Dribbles 21
196 Possession lost 216
60 Duels won 72
9 Aerials won 20
33 Tackles 25
24 Interceptions 22
33 Clearances 7
2 Goals 6
47 Ball possession 53
4 Total shots 12
1 Shots on target 2
3 Shots off target 5
0 shots Blocked 5
0 Corner kicks 3
0 Big chances 1
0 Big chances missed 1
1 Shots inside box 5
3 Shots outside box 7
1 Goalkeeper saves 1
222 Passes 238
158 Accurate passes 177
21 Long balls 19
1 Crosses 3
6 Dribbles 5
94 Possession lost 117
36 Duels won 27
5 Aerials won 11
22 Tackles 9
13 Interceptions 11
19 Clearances 4
39 Ball possession 61
2 Total shots 17
2 Shots on target 8
0 Shots off target 6
0 shots Blocked 3
0 Corner kicks 9
1 Big chances 2
0 Big chances missed 1
1 Shots inside box 11
1 Shots outside box 6
4 Goalkeeper saves 0
156 Passes 225
96 Accurate passes 168
8 Long balls 17
0 Crosses 7
6 Dribbles 16
102 Possession lost 99
24 Duels won 45
4 Aerials won 9
11 Tackles 16
11 Interceptions 11
14 Clearances 3

Player Statistics

#+=GATacklesAcr PassessDualsMinuts P
Marianna tabain00123469
Sarah carroll00429690
Katarina jukic0007131
Hana lowry20322790
Malia steinmetz00522745
Alexia moreno00018359
Caitlin douglas0049559
Isabella wallhead0024421
Elizabeth anton00229390
Jamie lee gale0105231
Natasha rigby00424790
Lily alfeld00017090
Deborah de la harpe00320490
Tijan mckenna0018145
Taneesha Baker01417690
Princess ibini isei103281490
Allira toby0003022
Cortnee vine002231684
Remy siemsen20130468
Rachel lowe01329867
Natalie tobin00444590
Mackenzie hawkesby0008023
Clare wheeler20432790
Taylor ray00038490
Charlize rule0014114
Ellie brush00240489
Angelique hristodoulou0003012
Charlotte mclean02428590
Ally green02123378
Jada mathyssen whyman00012190
#+=ShotsOnShotsOffShotsBlockDribble Att
Marianna tabain0100
Sarah carroll0000
Katarina jukic0001
Hana lowry2002
Malia steinmetz0000
Alexia moreno0003
Caitlin douglas1001
Isabella wallhead0001
Elizabeth anton0000
Jamie lee gale0001
Natasha rigby0100
Lily alfeld0000
Deborah de la harpe0001
Tijan mckenna0000
Taneesha Baker0102
Princess ibini isei2016
Allira toby0000
Cortnee vine1126
Remy siemsen3113
Rachel lowe0412
Natalie tobin0010
Mackenzie hawkesby1000
Clare wheeler3000
Taylor ray0102
Charlize rule0100
Ellie brush0221
Angelique hristodoulou0000
Charlotte mclean0100
Ally green0001
Jada mathyssen whyman0000
Marianna tabain22210
Sarah carroll52240
Katarina jukic00002
Hana lowry21132
Malia steinmetz10250
Alexia moreno20104
Caitlin douglas11241
Isabella wallhead00221
Elizabeth anton70521
Jamie lee gale40202
Natasha rigby41441
Lily alfeld10000
Deborah de la harpe40131
Tijan mckenna00012
Taneesha Baker00044
Princess ibini isei00339
Allira toby00001
Cortnee vine001210
Remy siemsen00014
Rachel lowe00035
Natalie tobin20540
Mackenzie hawkesby00001
Clare wheeler00143
Taylor ray00302
Charlize rule00010
Ellie brush10121
Angelique hristodoulou00100
Charlotte mclean30540
Ally green10212
Jada mathyssen whyman00000
Marianna tabain2329000
Sarah carroll2941050
Katarina jukic714002
Hana lowry2229022
Malia steinmetz2234030
Alexia moreno1823004
Caitlin douglas916111
Isabella wallhead49001
Elizabeth anton2940041
Jamie lee gale510002
Natasha rigby2436021
Lily alfeld1731090
Deborah de la harpe2034031
Tijan mckenna810002
Taneesha Baker1722004
Princess ibini isei2839039
Allira toby35101
Cortnee vine23421010
Remy siemsen3038004
Rachel lowe2936015
Natalie tobin44530100
Mackenzie hawkesby810001
Clare wheeler3248033
Taylor ray3844432
Charlize rule46000
Ellie brush4046051
Angelique hristodoulou36030
Charlotte mclean2839130
Ally green2335312
Jada mathyssen whyman1216040
#+=Duals(w)DispossessedWas FouledFouls
Marianna tabain4030
Sarah carroll6001
Katarina jukic1601
Hana lowry7111
Malia steinmetz7000
Alexia moreno3400
Caitlin douglas5000
Isabella wallhead4000
Elizabeth anton3102
Jamie lee gale2000
Natasha rigby7122
Lily alfeld0000
Deborah de la harpe4000
Tijan mckenna1000
Taneesha Baker6301
Princess ibini isei14421
Allira toby0001
Cortnee vine16420
Remy siemsen4201
Rachel lowe8111
Natalie tobin5000
Mackenzie hawkesby0100
Clare wheeler7211
Taylor ray4001
Charlize rule1101
Ellie brush4000
Angelique hristodoulou0000
Charlotte mclean5100
Ally green3000
Jada mathyssen whyman1000
#+=SavesPunchesRunOutHigh Claims
Lily alfeld5100
Jada mathyssen whyman1001

Match Details

2021-02-25 16:05 PM
Ashfield Reserve, Perth, Australia
Match Referee

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