NIM vs FCL, Ligue 1

Ligue 1, February 24, 2021
Olympique Nimes
1  :  0
90 minutes
FC Lorient

Match Projection

Match Projection

Team Statistics



50 Ball possession 50
2 Yellow cards 4
2 Substitutions 4
14 Free kicks 11
1 Offsides 0
4 Corner kicks 7
3 Shots on target 2
3 Shots off target 5
2 Saves 3
10 Fouls 14
2 Injuries 0
1 Penalties 0
0 Shots blocked 2
1 Goals 0
56 Ball possession 44
6 Free kicks 4
1 Corner kicks 4
0 Yellow cards 1
1 Injuries 0
50 Ball possession 50
8 Free kicks 7
1 Offsides 0
3 Corner kicks 3
2 Yellow cards 3
2 Substitutions 4
1 Injuries 0

Player Statistics

#+=GATacklesAcr PassessDualsMinuts P
Yassine Benrahou00040290
Matteo Ahlinvi0011315
Patrick Burner00129390
Renaud Ripart10334690
Florian Miguel00164490
Sami Ben Amar0003111
Baptiste Reynet00028090
Birger Meling00141290
Niclas Eliasson00314690
Lamine Fomba005251190
Haris Duljevic00127884
Moussa Kone0008375
Kelyan Guessoum00250490
Matthieu Dreyer00013190
Thomas Monconduit00162390
Adrian Grbic0013324
Vincent Le Goff00344690
Yoane Wissa00114879
Houboulang Mendes00024390
Pierre Yves Hamel000001
Laurent Abergel00448589
Julien Laporte008551090
Armand Lauriente004261190
Andrew Gravillon00250390
Enzo Le Fee0005011
Quentin Boisgard00433589
Stephane Diarra000001
Terem Moffi0008266
#+=ShotsOnShotsOffShotsBlockDribble Att
Yassine Benrahou1001
Matteo Ahlinvi0001
Patrick Burner0001
Renaud Ripart1000
Florian Miguel0000
Sami Ben Amar0000
Baptiste Reynet0000
Birger Meling0000
Niclas Eliasson0001
Lamine Fomba0201
Haris Duljevic0214
Moussa Kone0000
Kelyan Guessoum0000
Matthieu Dreyer0000
Thomas Monconduit0012
Adrian Grbic1000
Vincent Le Goff0000
Yoane Wissa0004
Houboulang Mendes0001
Pierre Yves Hamel1000
Laurent Abergel0100
Julien Laporte0100
Armand Lauriente1205
Andrew Gravillon0100
Enzo Le Fee0000
Quentin Boisgard0010
Stephane Diarra0000
Terem Moffi0010
Yassine Benrahou10005
Matteo Ahlinvi00012
Patrick Burner30112
Renaud Ripart01134
Florian Miguel61110
Sami Ben Amar00000
Baptiste Reynet00000
Birger Meling70011
Niclas Eliasson10231
Lamine Fomba31451
Haris Duljevic00219
Moussa Kone00002
Kelyan Guessoum10020
Matthieu Dreyer40000
Thomas Monconduit20112
Adrian Grbic00010
Vincent Le Goff30130
Yoane Wissa00016
Houboulang Mendes20103
Pierre Yves Hamel00000
Laurent Abergel00040
Julien Laporte20180
Armand Lauriente00247
Andrew Gravillon51120
Enzo Le Fee00000
Quentin Boisgard00242
Stephane Diarra00000
Terem Moffi00001
Yassine Benrahou4048165
Matteo Ahlinvi11002
Patrick Burner2936012
Renaud Ripart3448024
Florian Miguel6475080
Sami Ben Amar34000
Baptiste Reynet2837090
Birger Meling4150001
Niclas Eliasson1418011
Lamine Fomba2535021
Haris Duljevic2737119
Moussa Kone814002
Kelyan Guessoum5055060
Matthieu Dreyer1314010
Thomas Monconduit6275072
Adrian Grbic35000
Vincent Le Goff4455240
Yoane Wissa1419006
Houboulang Mendes2432003
Pierre Yves Hamel00000
Laurent Abergel4850010
Julien Laporte5572080
Armand Lauriente2629007
Andrew Gravillon5062020
Enzo Le Fee56010
Quentin Boisgard3336102
Stephane Diarra00000
Terem Moffi812001
#+=Duals(w)DispossessedWas FouledFouls
Yassine Benrahou2102
Matteo Ahlinvi3010
Patrick Burner3001
Renaud Ripart6310
Florian Miguel4031
Sami Ben Amar1000
Baptiste Reynet0000
Birger Meling2110
Niclas Eliasson6220
Lamine Fomba11111
Haris Duljevic8122
Moussa Kone3112
Kelyan Guessoum4011
Matthieu Dreyer1010
Thomas Monconduit3200
Adrian Grbic3001
Vincent Le Goff6011
Yoane Wissa8030
Houboulang Mendes3012
Pierre Yves Hamel0000
Laurent Abergel5110
Julien Laporte10002
Armand Lauriente11220
Andrew Gravillon3002
Enzo Le Fee0001
Quentin Boisgard5313
Stephane Diarra0000
Terem Moffi2102
#+=SavesPunchesRunOutHigh Claims
Baptiste Reynet3000
Matthieu Dreyer1200

Match Details

2021-02-24 23:30 PM
Stade des Costieres, Nimes, France
Match Referee
Jerome Miguelgorry

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