MBC vs SFC, A-League

A-League, February 23, 2021
Melbourne City FC
3  :  2
90 minutes
Sydney FC

Match Projection

Match Projection

Team Statistics

Melbourne City


51 Ball possession 49
1 Yellow cards 5
3 Substitutions 5
11 Free kicks 16
1 Offsides 1
3 Corner kicks 3
8 Shots on target 2
8 Shots off target 3
0 Saves 6
15 Fouls 10
1 Injuries 1
2 Shots blocked 3
3 Goals 2
49 Ball possession 51
7 Free kicks 10
1 Offsides 1
2 Corner kicks 3
0 Yellow cards 4
0 Substitutions 1
0 Injuries 1
51 Ball possession 49
4 Free kicks 6
1 Corner kicks 0
1 Yellow cards 1
3 Substitutions 4
1 Injuries 0

Player Statistics

#+=GATacklesAcr PassessDualsMinuts P
Andrew Nabbout01234589
Jamie MacLaren21014590
Marco Tilio000001
Scott Jamieson00151490
Florin Berenguer00258490
Conor Metcalfe006411289
Nathaniel Atkinson00153790
Adrian Luna10218664
Craig Noone00132290
Nuno Reis00032226
Rostyn Griffiths00071190
Curtis Good00170690
Tom Glover00010090
Taras Gomulka000101
Kosta Barbarouses00110258
Alex Wilkinson00054190
Milos Ninkovic11022632
Andrew Redmayne00015090
Rhyan Grant00551790
Paulo Retre00061387
Ben Warland000418
Joel King00344990
Anthony Caceres00238690
Alexander Baumjohann00023558
Deyvison Rogerio da Silva00010358
Ryan McGowan00043390
Luke Brattan00110122
Jordi Swibel0006032
Calem Nieuwenhof009451168
Patrick Wood1005332
#+=ShotsOnShotsOffShotsBlockDribble Att
Andrew Nabbout1101
Jamie MacLaren3420
Marco Tilio0000
Scott Jamieson0000
Florin Berenguer1102
Conor Metcalfe1101
Nathaniel Atkinson0106
Adrian Luna2002
Craig Noone0100
Nuno Reis0000
Rostyn Griffiths0100
Curtis Good0010
Tom Glover0000
Taras Gomulka0000
Kosta Barbarouses1100
Alex Wilkinson0000
Milos Ninkovic1013
Andrew Redmayne0000
Rhyan Grant0001
Paulo Retre0002
Ben Warland0000
Joel King0002
Anthony Caceres0003
Alexander Baumjohann0001
Deyvison Rogerio da Silva0100
Ryan McGowan0000
Luke Brattan0000
Jordi Swibel0110
Calem Nieuwenhof0110
Patrick Wood1002
Andrew Nabbout10326
Jamie MacLaren00001
Marco Tilio00000
Scott Jamieson30110
Florin Berenguer01124
Conor Metcalfe11661
Nathaniel Atkinson30016
Adrian Luna00322
Craig Noone10012
Nuno Reis30100
Rostyn Griffiths01200
Curtis Good30410
Tom Glover10000
Taras Gomulka00000
Kosta Barbarouses00010
Alex Wilkinson32200
Milos Ninkovic00003
Andrew Redmayne00000
Rhyan Grant00452
Paulo Retre10002
Ben Warland00000
Joel King00032
Anthony Caceres00024
Alexander Baumjohann00102
Deyvison Rogerio da Silva10100
Ryan McGowan21100
Luke Brattan00010
Jordi Swibel00000
Calem Nieuwenhof00291
Patrick Wood00003
Andrew Nabbout3447146
Jamie MacLaren1418001
Marco Tilio00000
Scott Jamieson5157230
Florin Berenguer5865024
Conor Metcalfe4145011
Nathaniel Atkinson5362126
Adrian Luna1822012
Craig Noone3242452
Nuno Reis3234020
Rostyn Griffiths7173060
Curtis Good7080020
Tom Glover1016020
Taras Gomulka12000
Kosta Barbarouses1015000
Alex Wilkinson5459020
Milos Ninkovic2223013
Andrew Redmayne1526030
Rhyan Grant5162122
Paulo Retre6168152
Ben Warland48010
Joel King4458022
Anthony Caceres3843014
Alexander Baumjohann2330112
Deyvison Rogerio da Silva1012010
Ryan McGowan4350030
Luke Brattan1010020
Jordi Swibel67100
Calem Nieuwenhof4553011
Patrick Wood55003
#+=Duals(w)DispossessedWas FouledFouls
Andrew Nabbout5200
Jamie MacLaren5130
Marco Tilio0000
Scott Jamieson4024
Florin Berenguer4102
Conor Metcalfe12422
Nathaniel Atkinson7200
Adrian Luna6022
Craig Noone2113
Nuno Reis2000
Rostyn Griffiths1001
Curtis Good6000
Tom Glover0000
Taras Gomulka0000
Kosta Barbarouses2101
Alex Wilkinson1001
Milos Ninkovic6030
Andrew Redmayne0000
Rhyan Grant7111
Paulo Retre3112
Ben Warland1000
Joel King9000
Anthony Caceres6311
Alexander Baumjohann5041
Deyvison Rogerio da Silva3210
Ryan McGowan3001
Luke Brattan1100
Jordi Swibel0000
Calem Nieuwenhof11220
Patrick Wood3012
#+=SavesPunchesRunOutHigh Claims
Tom Glover1010
Andrew Redmayne5010

Match Details

2021-02-23 13:35 PM
AAMI Park, Melbourne, Australia
Match Referee
Stephen Lucas

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