LUT vs HUD, Championship

Player Statistics

#+=GATacklesAcr PassessDualsMinuts P
Simon Sluga00012090
Tom Ince0001113
Kal Naismith000219
James Collins10221690
Luke Berry00212372
Sonny Bradley00022590
Dan Potts00116790
Matty Pearson00011590
Ruddock Pelly00311790
Harry Cornick0117683
Glen Rea0003118
Tom Lockyer00120690
Jordan Clark001151087
Kiernan Dewsbury Hall00326890
Rolando Aarons00112445
Jonathan Hogg00444890
Alex Pritchard0016322
Juninho Bacuna00023490
Isaac Mbenza00012145
Ryan Schofield0006190
Gonzalo Avila Gordon00528967
Richard Keogh00142890
Duane Holmes00123489
Fraizer Campbell0007690
Lewis O Brien00043090
Naby Sarr10154590
Harry Toffolo00324890
Scott High000001
#+=ShotsOnShotsOffShotsBlockDribble Att
Simon Sluga0000
Tom Ince0000
Kal Naismith0001
James Collins3010
Luke Berry0000
Sonny Bradley0100
Dan Potts0101
Matty Pearson0000
Ruddock Pelly0201
Harry Cornick0002
Glen Rea0100
Tom Lockyer0000
Jordan Clark1010
Kiernan Dewsbury Hall0111
Rolando Aarons0003
Jonathan Hogg0000
Alex Pritchard0000
Juninho Bacuna0201
Isaac Mbenza0000
Ryan Schofield0000
Gonzalo Avila Gordon0102
Richard Keogh0000
Duane Holmes1001
Fraizer Campbell0000
Lewis O Brien0110
Naby Sarr1000
Harry Toffolo0002
Scott High0000
Simon Sluga10000
Tom Ince00000
Kal Naismith00001
James Collins20120
Luke Berry00020
Sonny Bradley61000
Dan Potts40112
Matty Pearson40200
Ruddock Pelly00032
Harry Cornick00013
Glen Rea10000
Tom Lockyer50110
Jordan Clark30113
Kiernan Dewsbury Hall00132
Rolando Aarons10113
Jonathan Hogg40240
Alex Pritchard10010
Juninho Bacuna10001
Isaac Mbenza11000
Ryan Schofield00000
Gonzalo Avila Gordon20053
Richard Keogh30110
Duane Holmes30012
Fraizer Campbell30000
Lewis O Brien31200
Naby Sarr71110
Harry Toffolo10433
Scott High00000
Simon Sluga1223080
Tom Ince12000
Kal Naismith24001
James Collins2128000
Luke Berry1218000
Sonny Bradley2242020
Dan Potts1622132
Matty Pearson1131010
Ruddock Pelly1123102
Harry Cornick714113
Glen Rea37000
Tom Lockyer2034060
Jordan Clark1523313
Kiernan Dewsbury Hall2637412
Rolando Aarons1218003
Jonathan Hogg4454020
Alex Pritchard67000
Juninho Bacuna2329111
Isaac Mbenza1216020
Ryan Schofield618010
Gonzalo Avila Gordon2838013
Richard Keogh4255030
Duane Holmes2332002
Fraizer Campbell717100
Lewis O Brien4356010
Naby Sarr54730130
Harry Toffolo2432213
Scott High00000
#+=Duals(w)DispossessedWas FouledFouls
Simon Sluga0000
Tom Ince1010
Kal Naismith1000
James Collins6123
Luke Berry3101
Sonny Bradley5012
Dan Potts7011
Matty Pearson5023
Ruddock Pelly7130
Harry Cornick6110
Glen Rea1010
Tom Lockyer6120
Jordan Clark10232
Kiernan Dewsbury Hall8312
Rolando Aarons4000
Jonathan Hogg8212
Alex Pritchard3021
Juninho Bacuna4122
Isaac Mbenza1001
Ryan Schofield1010
Gonzalo Avila Gordon9011
Richard Keogh8011
Duane Holmes4521
Fraizer Campbell6123
Lewis O Brien0103
Naby Sarr5010
Harry Toffolo8113
Scott High0000
#+=SavesPunchesRunOutHigh Claims
Simon Sluga1000
Ryan Schofield3011

Match Details

2021-02-06 20:30 PM
Kenilworth Road, Luton, England
Match Referee
Leigh Doughty

About Match

Luton vs Huddersfield live score and video online live stream starts on 06.02.2021 at 15:00 UTC time at Kenilworth Road, Luton, England. Here on Bullscore livescore you can find all Luton vs Huddersfield previous results sorted by their H2H matches.

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