PUBG Mobile Changes: Krafton announce the introduction of two new maps code-named Kiki and Tiger in PUBG Mobile

Krafton inc. developers of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG Mobile), released information about two new maps which are currently in development. PUBG are going to be getting two new maps code named Tiger and Kiki which can be added within the game after the event process is completed .

In 2020 during an epidemic situation when every developer round the world was facing the difficulties, Krafton launched three new maps within the game. In 2020 Karakin, Paramo and Haven joined the map pool of PUBG while Sanhok and Vikendi shipped for reworks. Developers also introduced Team Deathmatch and Ranked mode last year including new weapons, features, tools, and vehicles within the game.
Krafton stated,

” the planet as an entire might not have had an excellent year, but we personally have much to be thankful for- especially you, our fans sticking with us through a sophisticated year of experimentation.Your continued support and feedback give us tangible goals to figure towards but funneling the feedback of a worldwide audience into one update that satisfies most are never a simple task.”

PUBG Mobile Changes – PUBG New Maps – Kiki, Tiger, and Miramar Remastered

Here is everything which got revealed within the first a part of 2021 Dev plans. This year Krafton is that specialize in the larger maps after launching small maps last year. Let’s take a glance at the upcoming maps.

Miramar Remastered –

Miramar is one among the simplest maps in PUBG, an extended place to steer around within the desert. Krafton has been performing on the revamp of the map for an extended time where it’ll bring new elements and fix previous difficulties within the map. The new remastered version of Miramar will include better lighting, performance, graphics and a few special features. Miramar Remastered map are going to be coming with the 12.1 update of PUBG.

In the upcoming updates Krafton is bringing the new 8×8 map which is codenamed because the Tiger. there’ll be one key change within the map where players will get the power to return to Battle after defeat, same as respawn. Many fans have asked for a respawn function as most of the battle royale games have this.

Kiki Map –

In late 2021 or Early 2020, another 8×8 map will join the map pool which is codenamed as Kiki. This map contains underground labs, many new locations like subways and underwater buildings. this may be one among the most important maps with one among its kinds where it’ll have many mysterious places and features.

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