# Player Role
T20 Players
1Gokul KumarGokul Kumarwk
2Govind KumarGovind Kumarbat
3Arjun NarayanankuttyA Narayanankuttyall
4Nimish LathifN Lathifall
5Naveen JacobN Jacobwk
6Subash SivanS Sivanall
7Hajeer KoyaH Koyabat
8Saanu StephenS Stephenbowl
9Sakheer HussainS Hussainbat
10Subin ChackoS Chackobat
11Seyyaf RafiS Rafibowl
12Rijil VenugopalR Venugopalbowl
13Haider Ali-LiaqatHaider Ali-Liaqatbat
14Het KishoreHet Kishorewk
15Saud MohamedS Mohamedall
16Ismail KolayathIsmail Kolayathbat
17Naveen JayanNaveen Jayanall
18Bijo PhilipBijo Philipbowl
19Nithin YahannanN Yahannanbowl
20Talha HussainT Hussainbowl
21Adarsh JayachandranA Jayachandranall
22Shafeer NarothS Narothbowl
23Antony GeorgeA Georgebat
24Subin ThankachanS Thankachanall
25Manaf ps NellickachaililMp Nellickachaililbat
26Sam MathewS Mathewall
27Vinu RamachandranV Ramachandranall
Lista Players
Firstclass Players
T10 Players
1Gokul KumarGokul Kumarwk
2Govind KumarGovind Kumarbat
3Riyas MohamedR Mohamedbowl
4Danish AafaqiD Aafaqibowl
5Subash SivanS Sivanall
6Hajeer KoyaH Koyabat
7Saanu StephenS Stephenbowl
8Sakheer HussainS Hussainbat
9Subin ChackoS Chackobat
10Seyyaf RafiS Rafibowl
11Sunil MusthafaS Musthafabat
12Rijil VenugopalR Venugopalbowl
13Haider Ali-LiaqatHaider Ali-Liaqatbat
14Ismail KolayathIsmail Kolayathbat
15Mathew JosephMathew Josephbat
16Vimal Raj SubramanianVimal Raj Subramanianbat
17Yogesh NaithaniYogesh Naithanibat
18Naveen JayanNaveen Jayanall
19Bijo PhilipBijo Philipbowl
20Nithin YahannanN Yahannanbowl
21Arun RajA Rajbowl
22Nazmul HusseinN Husseinwk
23Shafeer NarothS Narothbowl
24Subin ThankachanS Thankachanall
25Pradeep SubramanyamP Subramanyambowl
26Nazar UmarleebaiN Umarleebaibowl
27Khadar Valli-Shaikh HayatKV-S Hayatbowl
28Renjith MohanR Mohanall
29john Peter-SalmanJP Salmanbat
30jijo VackachanJ Vackachanall
T100 Players

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