LIG vs SUN, Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy


Sunrisers InningsSUN Innings206/9 (50 ov)
Grace Scrivens b S Munro390033.33
b S Munro
Alice Macleod lbw b KL Gordon4231017.39
lbw b KL Gordon
Amara Carr (WK)c AJ Freeborn b S Munro10131076.92
c AJ Freeborn b S Munro
Cordelia Griffith c S Munro b T Graves33524063.46
c S Munro b T Graves
Naomi Dattani b Yvonne Graves65926170.65
b Yvonne Graves
Kelly Castle lbw b T Graves52665078.79
lbw b T Graves
Joanne Gardner b T Graves04000.00
b T Graves
Gayatri Gole c SB Odedra b T Graves02000.00
c SB Odedra b T Graves
Katie Midwood Not out10190052.63
Not out
Katherine Speed c AJ Freeborn b KE Bryce270028.57
c AJ Freeborn b KE Bryce
Kate Coppack Not out6141042.86
Not out
Extra21 (b 1, w 16, nb 1, lb 3)
Total206/9 (50)
Kathryn Bryce1031911.90
Sophie Munro703625.14
Kirstie Gordon1002712.70
Lucy Higham704907.00
Teresa Graves1003943.90
Yvonne Graves603215.33
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
Grace Scrivens1-83.3
AD Carr2-207.1
AJ Macleod3-309.2
CL Griffith4-9023.4
ND Dattani5-17740.5
J Gardner6-17841.4
GKS Gole7-17841.6
KS Castle8-18743.5
Katherine Speed9-19546.4
Lightning InningsLIG Innings210/5 (40.2 ov)
Sarah Bryce (WK)c Grace Scrivens b KS Castle16322050.00
c Grace Scrivens b KS Castle
Michaela Kirk lbw b K Midwood57669086.36
lbw b K Midwood
Kathryn Bryce b AJ Macleod12292041.38
b AJ Macleod
Abigail Freeborn c ND Dattani b J Gardner44487091.67
c ND Dattani b J Gardner
Lucy Higham lbw b KS Castle26305086.67
lbw b KS Castle
Sonia Odedra Not out24333072.73
Not out
Teresa Graves Not out5410125.00
Not out
Extra26 (b 0, w 20, nb 0, lb 6)
Total210/5 (40.2)
Yet To BatShachi Pai, Yvonne Graves, S Munro, KL Gordon
Kate Coppack6.212203.47
Naomi Dattani604507.50
Gayatri Gole311003.33
Kelly Castle602424.00
Grace Scrivens402105.25
Katie Midwood804215.25
Alice Macleod10515.00
Joanne Gardner603515.83
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
Sarah Bryce1-5712.2
ML Kirk2-10420.3
KE Bryce3-10621.5
LF Higham4-15430.2
AJ Freeborn5-20539.4

Match Details

2021-06-12 15:00 PM
Haslegrave Ground, Loughborough, Loughborough
Sunrisers won the toss & elected to bat
    Tv Umpires
      Match Referee

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