DOL vs LIO, 4-Day Franchise Series


Lions 1st Innings LIO 1st Innings428/5 (132 ov)
Joshua Richards lbw b OEG Baartman15125120160.16
lbw b OEG Baartman
Dominic Hendricks (C)lbw b OEG Baartman15632023.81
lbw b OEG Baartman
Reeza Hendricks c G Roelofsen b E Bosch13621120064.45
c G Roelofsen b E Bosch
Kagiso Rapulana c MJ Ackerman b E Bosch33735045.21
c MJ Ackerman b E Bosch
Wiaan Mulder Not out521245041.94
Not out
Ruan Haasbroek (WK)runout (G Roelofsen / OEG Baartman)4390010.26
runout (G Roelofsen / OEG Baartman)
Bjorn Fortuin Not out11352031.43
Not out
Extra21 (b 3, w 2, nb 4, lb 12)
Total428/5 (132)
Yet To BatMP Siboto, L Sipamla, T Ntuli, T Bokako
Daryn Dupavillon2247203.27
Ottniel Baartman24115722.38
Eathan Bosch2147223.43
Thando Ntini1806403.56
Ruan de Swardt2164902.33
Odirile Modimokoane2356903.00
Marques Ackerman302508.33
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
DA Hendricks1-5220.6
J Richards2-31083.5
Reeza Hendricks3-31690.2
K Rapulana4-374108.5
R Haasbroek5-396120.6
Dolphins 1st InningsDOL 1st Innings337/10 (116 ov)
Thamsanqa Khumalo c R Haasbroek b Wiaan Mulder31656047.69
c R Haasbroek b Wiaan Mulder
Grant Roelofsen (WK)c Wiaan Mulder b Bjorn Fortuin6611011060.00
c Wiaan Mulder b Bjorn Fortuin
Marques Ackerman (C)c J Richards b T Bokako9132069.23
c J Richards b T Bokako
Khaya Zondo lbw b MP Siboto44955146.32
lbw b MP Siboto
Jason Smith lbw b Wiaan Mulder381033136.89
lbw b Wiaan Mulder
Ruan de Swardt lbw b L Sipamla591248047.58
lbw b L Sipamla
Eathan Bosch c T Ntuli b L Sipamla4260015.38
c T Ntuli b L Sipamla
Thando Ntini c Reeza Hendricks b Bjorn Fortuin5350014.29
c Reeza Hendricks b Bjorn Fortuin
Daryn Dupavillon c Wiaan Mulder b T Ntuli20363055.56
c Wiaan Mulder b T Ntuli
Ottniel Baartman c R Haasbroek b L Sipamla23454051.11
c R Haasbroek b L Sipamla
Odirile Modimokoane Not out25473153.19
Not out
Extra13 (b 9, w 0, nb 2, lb 2)
Total337/10 (116)
Lutho Sipamla2045532.75
Tladi Bokako1634012.50
Malusi Siboto1343312.50
Wiaan Mulder1734822.82
Bjorn Fortuin2686622.54
Tshepo Ntuli2448413.50
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
T Khumalo1-5418.6
MJ Ackerman2-7022.6
G Roelofsen3-13140.3
K Zondo4-16755.4
JF Smith5-21672.4
E Bosch6-25685.2
R de Swardt7-26591.5
T Ntini8-27796.6
DM Dupavillon9-291101.2
OEG Baartman10-337115.6
Lions 2nd InningsLIO 2nd Innings166/6 (58 ov)
Joshua Richards c G Roelofsen b OEG Baartman38615062.30
c G Roelofsen b OEG Baartman
Dominic Hendricks (C)Not out7216411043.90
Not out
Reeza Hendricks lbw b OEG Baartman04000.00
lbw b OEG Baartman
Kagiso Rapulana lbw b OEG Baartman02000.00
lbw b OEG Baartman
Wiaan Mulder lbw b DM Dupavillon8201040.00
lbw b DM Dupavillon
Ruan Haasbroek (WK)c G Roelofsen b OEG Baartman6350017.14
c G Roelofsen b OEG Baartman
Bjorn Fortuin c E Bosch b Odirile Modimokoane40586068.97
c E Bosch b Odirile Modimokoane
Malusi Siboto Not out240050.00
Not out
Extra0 (b 0, w 0, nb 0, lb 0)
Total166/6 (58)
Yet To BatL Sipamla, T Ntuli, T Bokako
Daryn Dupavillon1432912.07
Ottniel Baartman1834842.67
Eathan Bosch932002.22
Ruan de Swardt621702.83
Odirile Modimokoane1014814.80
Thando Ntini10404.00
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
J Richards1-5018.2
Reeza Hendricks2-5018.6
K Rapulana3-5020.2
Wiaan Mulder4-6826.3
R Haasbroek5-8838.1
Bjorn Fortuin6-15955.6
Dolphins 2nd InningsDOL 2nd Innings260/2 (47.4 ov)
Thamsanqa Khumalo c R Haasbroek b L Sipamla4310133.33
c R Haasbroek b L Sipamla
Grant Roelofsen (WK)b MP Siboto54709077.14
b MP Siboto
Marques Ackerman (C)Not out139127210109.45
Not out
Khaya Zondo Not out53906058.89
Not out
Extra10 (b 0, w 1, nb 4, lb 5)
Total260/2 (47.4)
Yet To BatJF Smith, R de Swardt, E Bosch, Odirile Modimokoane, T Ntini, DM Dupavillon, OEG Baartman
Lutho Sipamla804816.00
Tladi Bokako813604.50
Malusi Siboto813214.00
Wiaan Mulder704406.29
Bjorn Fortuin6.403505.25
Tshepo Ntuli915606.22
Joshua Richards10404.00
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
T Khumalo1-40.3
G Roelofsen2-11422.2

Match Details

2022-01-13 12:30 PM
Kingsmead, Durban, Durban
Lions won the toss & elected to bat
    Tv Umpires
      Match Referee

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