CS XI vs IND, India tour of England


India 1st InningsIND 1st Innings311/10 (93 ov)
Rohit Sharma (C)c Jack Carson b LW James9332027.27
c Jack Carson b LW James
Mayank Agarwal b LW James28356080.00
b LW James
Cheteshwar Pujara st James Rew b Jack Carson21472044.68
st James Rew b Jack Carson
Hanuma Vihari c CN Miles b LA Patterson-White24712033.80
c CN Miles b LA Patterson-White
KL Rahul (WK)Retired out10115011167.33
Retired out
Ravindra Jadeja c JD Libby b CN Miles751465151.37
c JD Libby b CN Miles
Shardul Thakur b CN Miles20282071.43
b CN Miles
Axar Patel c James Rew b CN Miles04000.00
c James Rew b CN Miles
Umesh Yadav c JD Libby b LA Patterson-White12141185.71
c JD Libby b LA Patterson-White
Jasprit Bumrah b CN Miles5230021.74
b CN Miles
Mohammed Siraj Not out3130023.08
Not out
Extra13 (b 6, w 0, nb 6, lb 1)
Total311/10 (93)
Craig Miles17.144542.62
Avesh Khan9.524104.17
Lyndon James1233222.67
Liam Patterson-White2728022.96
Jack Carson1817113.94
Will Rhodes712503.57
Robert Yates201005.00
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
Rohit Sharma1-339.5
MA Agarwal2-4113.4
CA Pujara3-6724.1
GH Vihari4-10737.2
KL Rahul5-23471.6
Shardul Thakur6-28282.2
Axar Patel7-28282.6
RA Jadeja8-29084.6
UT Yadav9-30287.4
JJ Bumrah10-31192.6
County Select XI 1st InningsCS XI 1st Innings220/10 (82.3 ov)
Haseeb Hameed c KL Rahul b Shardul Thakur11224613045.53
c KL Rahul b Shardul Thakur
Jake Libby b UT Yadav12242050.00
b UT Yadav
Robert Yates c KL Rahul b JJ Bumrah130033.33
c KL Rahul b JJ Bumrah
Washington Sundar c Rohit Sharma b Mohammed Siraj170014.29
c Rohit Sharma b Mohammed Siraj
Will Rhodes (C)b UT Yadav11381028.95
b UT Yadav
Lyndon James c Shardul Thakur b UT Yadav27834032.53
c Shardul Thakur b UT Yadav
James Rew c Rohit Sharma b RA Jadeja230006.67
c Rohit Sharma b RA Jadeja
Liam Patterson-White c UT Yadav b Axar Patel33496067.35
c UT Yadav b Axar Patel
Jack Carson b Mohammed Siraj3110027.27
b Mohammed Siraj
Craig Miles Not out111009.09
Not out
Avesh Khan Absent hurt0.00
Absent hurt
Extra17 (b 2, w 0, nb 7, lb 8)
Total220/10 (82.3)
Yet To BatJames Bracey, ZJ Chappell, Rehan Ahmed
Umesh Yadav1572231.47
Jasprit Bumrah1562911.93
Mohammed Siraj1323222.46
Shardul Thakur1463112.21
Ravindra Jadeja1535513.67
Axar Patel10.334113.90
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
JD Libby1-208.6
RM Yates2-249.6
Washington Sundar3-2912.5
WMH Rhodes4-5627.5
LW James5-13153.4
James Rew6-15964.5
H Hameed7-19877.1
Jack Carson8-20879.4
LA Patterson-White9-22082.3
India 2nd InningsIND 2nd Innings192/3 (55 ov)
Mayank Agarwal c (sub Washington Sundar) b Jack Carson47817058.02
c (sub Washington Sundar) b Jack Carson
Cheteshwar Pujara c Rehan Ahmed b Jack Carson38585065.52
c Rehan Ahmed b Jack Carson
Hanuma Vihari Not out431053040.95
Not out
Ravindra Jadeja Retired out51774166.20
Retired out
Shardul Thakur Not out6101060.00
Not out
Extra7 (b 0, w 5, nb 1, lb 1)
Total192/3 (55)
Yet To BatKL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Axar Patel, JJ Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj, UT Yadav
Craig Miles804105.13
Lyndon James932202.44
Will Rhodes511703.40
Jack Carson2226422.91
Liam Patterson-White1104704.27
Fall Of WicketsFOWOver
MA Agarwal1-8721.4
CA Pujara2-9825.4
RA Jadeja3-18250.6
County Select XI InningsCS XI Innings31/0 (15.5 ov)
Jake Libby Not out17481035.42
Not out
Haseeb Hameed Not out13481027.08
Not out
Extra1 (b 0, w 0, nb 1, lb 0)
Total31/0 (15.5)
Yet To BatJames Bracey, James Rew, RM Yates, LW James, WMH Rhodes, ZJ Chappell, LA Patterson-White, CN Miles, Jack Carson, Rehan Ahmed, Avesh Khan, Washington Sundar
Jasprit Bumrah521102.20
Shardul Thakur521102.20
Mohammed Siraj30401.33
Umesh Yadav2.51501.76

Match Details

2021-07-20 15:30 PM
Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street, Chester-le-Street
India won the toss & elected to bat
  • Hassan Adnan
  • Paul Pollard
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee

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