Bowler who have taken Most Wickets in the IPL History

Bowler who has taken Most Wickets in the IPL History

Bowler who has taken Most Wickets in the IPL History

IPL is the time which is more of a festival to Indians than mere being a sport. When it was started, no one imagined that it would become as popular as it is today. Completion of 13 editions of IPL is the testimony to how far it has come. It allowed overseas players the opportunity to play and mingle with the Indian players. 

This is what makes it exciting when they play forgetting their allegiance for a brief period just for entertainment for the Indians at the same time allowing them the opportunity to earn money. 

Both batsman and bowler get the equal opportunity to showcase their skills at this platform. Many of them use it as a learning ground to improve their craft. Even domestic players get to mix up with International players and get to learn alot from them. 

IPL has seen Lasith Malinga showcasing his brilliance at the Indian cricketing grounds. He had become the favorite of Indians for his unique hairstyle and deadly yorker of which even the best batsmen feared taking. 

He has a unique technique to bowl which makes him the most deadly bowler. 

When Lasith maliga had already taken a double hat trick and was known for his deadly yorker. He was the player not to be missed. Mumbai Indians saw this opportunity. He was picked up by the Mumbai Indians for a whooping 350000 dollars in 2008. 

This was the beginning of the 10 year long association with Mumbai Indians.  He had many memorable moments on the grounds. His bowling was enough to send shivers down any cricketer. 

He played a significant role in Mumbai Indians becoming the bowler who has taken the maximum wicket in the IPL history. With the help of Lasith malinga, Mumbai Indians have managed to clinch the title three times. Because of his deadly bowling, he was never released from the Mumbai franchise as long as he stayed there.

He was an inseparable part of Mumbai indians. Though there were many takers for this precious bowler as he could timid any player. 

His record was finest when it came to taking wickets. He took a total of 170 wickets in 122 innings with 8 maiden overs. He retired from IPL in 2019.