Batsmen with the Most Sixes in single Inning

Batsmen with the Most Sixes in a single Inning

Batsmen with the Most Sixes in a single Inning

There is no cricket tournament in the world where sixes are scored as fast as IPL. You can say IPL is a run synthesis machine where every year new records are churned out. This is what makes it most exciting to watch. 

IPL also reflects true sportsmanship as players from around the world participate in it and play with the strong conviction of bringing the best out of them as well as entertaining the cricket fans around the world. 

This is the reason it has become one of the favorite sports to watch in the world. Its popularity only has gone up with the passage of time since its inception in 2008. 

When it comes to sixes, Chris gayle stands on the top of table. We all remember his 175 runs knock off the 66 deliveries at the strike rate of 265.15. This was the innings, he assumed the title of “UNIVERSE BOSS.”

He played his outstanding innings against the Pune warriors. He struck a staggering 17 sixes in that inning breaking the record of Brendon macculum. When Brendon Mccullum hit 13 sixes in a single inning, it looked impossible then that someone would come and smash this lofty record. 

But Chris Gayle made it look so trivial by his own sixes. It is interesting to watch him play, because he sends the ball out of the ground. 

Chris Gayle has made all his records after being in the association with IPL. Along with his ability of hitting sixes, He also possesses the power to take the match to the victory single-handedly. 

Talking about his IPL association, He made his debut in the IPL 2008 edition and he was associated with the Kolkata knight riders. But he was being pulled back now and then due to injuries. His real turnaround came when he joined the RCB in 2011. From now on, He went on the rampage breaking records after records. He held orange caps for his whopping runs both in 2012 and 2013. 

During his association with the RCB, he had many bouts of injuries which caused him to be absent from the IPL now and then. It was the year of 2018 when RCB parted with the universe boss and he began his new journey with KXIP. 

With his age dawning on him, his movement and intensity to play were also slowing down, yet he tried to match with the expectation of his fans, hitting his much-waited sixes, he played an instrumental role in helping KXIP in winning the match. 

He is also known for entertaining his fans on and off the field. Cricket fans are eagerly waiting for him to hit his special shots in the next season of IPL.