Batsmen with the Most Runs in a Series in the IPL History

Batsmen with the Most Runs in a Series in the IPL History

Batsmen with the Most Runs in a Series in the IPL History

Indian premier league has so far travelled the journey of 13 editions. IPL saw its first match being played in 2008. Since then, It has seen many new records being made and many old ones being broken. 

IPL has given a platform to many new budding players to rise to international fame. Players like Ravichandran ashwin, Hardik pandya, Ravindra jadeja, Yusuf pathan and Yuzvendra chahal are among the few players who have made it to the national teams. 

It is well known that there is hardly any player who can match the calibre of Virat Kohli in all the formats. You name the format, Virat has some records to his name from that format. 

Well, Virat kohli is known for the boundaries he plates, there is hardly any direction where he can not hit the fours. One of the things that makes him stand out is his ability to play the boundaries with great ease. 

Virat kohli is the player who is on the path of being the greatest player in the history of cricket not only in india but in the world. 

Virat kohli is the only player who has been part of the same franchise for the Entire tournament. He has developed so much affection for the team that he has himself confessed that his career will probably end with being part of RCB. 

His initial three years were not favorable to him but since the 2011, Turnaround happened with him he started being consistent and in the following year, He was made the captain of the RCB. 

His most destructive year was the IPL 2016 when he scored a whopping 973 runs, the highest by any batsman in IPL history of IPL. 

Virat Kohli made his debut in IPL as a part of the Bangalore franchise.  He remained the part of it throughout. Virat Kohli has himself confessed that his career is probably going to end with Royal challengers Bangalore. He has developed attachment and affection for RCB. 

His biggest regret would be not to clinch the single trophy for the RCB despite being the best in the world and best players in his team. Though he has strived hard to win trophies, he has even reached the playoffs many times, yet he could not get the IPL trophy for a single time.  

His focus, determination, consistency, thirst for runs makes him different from other players but these qualities are what will take him to the path of greatness.