Batsman with the Most Ducks in the IPL History

Batsman with the Most Ducks in the IPL History

Batsman with the Most Ducks in the IPL History

IPL is the league which pushes the players to always perform beyond their capacities. IPL has played a huge role in bringing the hidden ability of players to the light. 

This is the reason why many huge records were made and old ones were smashed. IPL is the reason many players rose to fame and got selected into the national team. 

This short format league offers so much pressure to the batsmen and there is equal reward for winning and breaking the records. IPL offers huge money and respect as a reward for the better performance. This is the reason it is counted among the most watched and most expensive leagues in the world. 

IPL is a platform which makes hitting sixes as some kind of normal thing. Because witnessing the sixes is a common sight. In this article, we will see the batman who has the maximum ducks. 

Harbhajan singh is regarded as the best off spin bowler. He proved his credentials when he took 32 wickets  in three test matches in 2001. He was the first indian batsman to make a hat trick in the test. He kept on contributing with his bowling skills to the Indian cricket.

He got more fame when he got into the IPL. he was initially bought by the Mumbai Indians where he played a significant role. He has had the opportunity to even assume the captaincy of Mumbai Indians. 

In 2013, he took 23 wickets and helped the Mumbai Indians to clinch the maiden IPL trophy. 

He was also brilliant with the bat when he played 64 runs off the 24 balls against Kings Eleven Punjab in 2015.

After a decade of association with Mumbai Indians, he was released by the Mumbai Indians and acquired by the Chennai super kings. 

As he was good with the bowling, he also holds the record of being the top batsman who has got out at zero.